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Bruce, K1XR's Page

This page is dedicated to my good friend Bruce Marton, K1XR. Bruce is a very keen Collins and Drake collector. On this page, we pay a visit to his magnificent station.
The main S-Line operating position, with 516F-2, KWM-2A, 75S-3C, 312B-4 and 30L-1. The KWM-2A is used as a transmitter/transceiver, with the 75S-3C. Note the Symetrix 528E voice processor, used with a Shure SM-7 microphone.
The main S-Line operating position.
Another look at the main S-Line operating position. The view from the operating position is to the east, over the Atlantic Ocean, from the top of a 125 ft. cliff.
Another view of the main S-Line operating position.
The new operating position, with Icom IC-781 and IC-751A, Acom amplifier and Drake C-line.
The Audio Technica AT 3525 mic and Symetrix 528E voice processor can also be seen.
The new operating position. Photo by Bruce Marton, K1XR.
Newly acquired goodies from the Rochester, NH Hamfest (oscilloscope, 30L-1, TS-118/AP).
Newly acquired Rochester, NH Hamfest goodies.
Interior view of the 30L-1, after we spent 3 hours restoring the interior and rewiring the power supply for 240V mains.
So nice and clean!
Interior view of the 30L-1.
The tower, with 10-element Tennadyne T-10 13-30 MHz LPDA on a 30 ft. boom at 200 ft. over the ocean.
Tower, with Tennadyne LPDA. Click for Tennadyne site.
Two family members, already guarding the new acquisition.
Max and Molly, with Bruce in background.
The new homebrew 20m 7-element Log-Yagi in position on the tower, with K1RX on the tower.
The new 20m 7-element Log-Yagi in position on the tower, with K1RX on the tower. Photo by Bruce Marton, K1XR.
View a slide show of the antenna construction project.

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We hope you enjoyed your virtual Collins and Drake tour. Please stop by again.

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