Art Collins in 1932, with a 30W transmitter. Click for Collins Radio Association.

A short biographical sketch of Arthur Collins

contributed by David Knepper, W3ST

Arthur A. Collins was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, on September 9, 1909,where his father was in the mortgage investment business of buying andselling land. Art attended Cedar Rapids public schools, Amherst Collegein Amherst, Massachusetts in 1927, Coe College in Cedar Rapids for specialcourses, and the University of Iowa for advanced studies in physics. Afterleaving Collins Radio in 1972, he formed a new firm, Arthur A. Collins,Inc., based in Dallas, to carry out systems engineering studies in thecommunications and computer fields. 

Art was married to Mary Margaret(Meis),and was formerly married to Margaret (Peg) Van Dyke, who died in 1955. Heissurvived by four children, Alan, David, Susan and Michael. Arthur A.Collins died on February 25, 1987, at the age of 78, three weeks aftersuffering a stroke in Dallas, Texas. Arthur Collins is buried in thefamilyplot in Oak Hill Cemetery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

If you would like to know more about Arthur Collins, read the book "Arthur Collins,Radio Wizard", by Ben W. Stearns. You will not be disappointed. Thisbook is endorsed by the CRA. 

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David Knepper, W3ST 
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