ICOM announced IC-756PRO II

Courtesy Nobuyuki Oba, JA7UDE

ICOM has already stopped the production of IC-756PRO and started selling IC-756PRO II in the JA market. The price is 358,000 yen, which is 10,000 yen higher than IC-756PRO.

New features

How ICOM reacted to the users' requests?

Users' voice ICOM's answer
IMD problem. Improved 3rd IMD characteristics.
The sensitivity of 50MHz is not good enough. Changed the RF circuit for 50MHz and used SSB-SOFT filter.
The voice recorder/player works for SSB only.
When the recorder/player is in use, other features cannot be used at the same time.
Added a new button for recorder/player, which can be used not only for SSB but also for other modes.
Added an interface for the external logic to control the recorder/player.
NB is not effective in some situations. Added a level control for NB.
Special ROM. Added a DSP set mode that allows the user to change the filter shape on the fly.
AF volume know is touchy. Improved the AF volume resolution.
With NB on, the signals are distorted. Improved.
The output level of the headphone is not loud enough. Improved.
The VHF users commonly use USB side for CW (CW-R) Got it user-customizeable.
The receive frequency is shifted when the mode is changed. Added an option that keeps the receive frequency even when the mode is changed.
The repeat interval of the memory keyer should be set longer. The repeat interval can be set from 1 to 60 seconds.
The power meter swings stickily in the CW mode. Smoothed it.
The key-speed knob is not easy to handle. Exchanged the positions of the key-speed and delay knobs.
The narrow BPF does not work for SSB. The narrow BPF is available for SSB, too.
The filter settings for DATA should independently be controlled. The user can settle the filters for SSB and DATA independently.
The 1/4 function is not available for SSB. It is available for SSB, too. It is effective for digital modes, such as PSK31.
No one touch clear of RIT. User customizable.
The monitor level is not enough. Raised the level.
The wake-up/sleep timer is not easy to use. Improved the user interface.

I was surprised that ICOM has put the comparison chart of IC-756PROII and XXX on their web site. ICOM keeps XXX as anonymous, but clearly XXX is Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V. Bear in mind that it is unusual for a big maker to publish such a comparison chart with competitors in Japan, though it is quite common in US. At the middle of the page, there is a figure that shows the filter shape factors. One is, of course, the 756PROII's IF DSP and the other is COLLINS 10-pole filter. As you should know, the COLLINS filter is installed in Mark V. Hmmm, ICOM becomes very aggressive, hi hi.

I am pleased that ICOM has implemented some of my and my friends' requests in 756PROII. OK, well, should I upgrade my IC-756PRO to IC-756PRO II? I do not know, but not now. At least I wait for someone's report and article on 756PROII, Hi.?

IC-756PRO (HF and 50MHz transceiver)


ICOM announced IC-756PRO at 1999 Ham fair, which was held in Yokohama Japan in August 1999. I was very pleased to hear the announce and was looking forward to its release to the market. As was the case of IC-706, it took substantial time for ICOM to actually release IC-756PRO to the market. At the beginning of December 1999, the 756PRO finally was released in the Japanese market.

I purchased one immediately after the release and have been using it for 14 months. I think it is good time to write my review on 756PRO.

First impression

Since I have been using an IC-756 for more than three years, I had no trouble in operating the primary functions. The most eye-catching change in 756PRO from 756 is, needless to say, the color LCD panel. It obviously improves the user interface.

I wish it could have....

All in all, I am very happy with the new IC-756PRO. ICOM has done a great job! To play with 756PRO is fun and joy. I trust IC-756PRO is an ideal radio for digital modes, such as RTTY and PSK.

Special ROM