ICOM released a high-end receiver IC-R9500 covering 0.005~3335MHz

Model Wide band receiver
Code IC-R9500
Release date Dec. 28, 2006
Price Open

ICOM Corporation (CEO Tsutomu Fukui) has released a wide-band receiver IC-R9500 for radio-wave surveillance, signal monitor, and signal analysis.

ICOM fully uses the technologies of wide-band receivers and DSP for IC-R9500 to make it cover 
0.005~3335MHz with all modes aiming for high-level radio wave surveillance/analysis, such as signal search, monitoring, recording.

The dynamic range is 109dB. The 3rd order intercept point is greater than +40dBm (14.1MHz), and +5dBm in other frequencies.

It also is equipped with a multifunction spectrum scope using DSP, ultra high stable OCXO, level indicator in dB/dBµV (EMF)/dBm, to meet various needs.

It has a high-resolution 7-inch wide TFT display, digital IF filters, digital twin PBT, digital voice recorder, 10ch VFO

ICOM will be selling IC-R9500, which surpasses conventional receivers in dynamic range, function, and usability, mainly to governmental organizations and large vessels.