The 48kHz DSP, and other aspects of the IC-R9500

by Adam Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ

Based on a conversation with my friend Matt Erickson, KK5DR

Q: You mentioned the new 48kHz DSP (vs. 36kHz). Please explain why this is a large improvement. I'd like to know about some of the other important  items as well.  

A1: The 48kHz DSP is a big step up, because it will execute the DSP algorithm 25% faster than the 36kHz design. Thus, all processes in the algorithm will execute faster and more cleanly. The benefits to the user will be such items as:

I believe that future DSP-based Icom receivers and transceivers will incorporate 48kHz DSP. One might wonder whether the ADC used in the new 48 kHz IF-DSP system will have slightly more dynamic range than the ADC's used currently in the IC-7800 and IC-756Pro3. This ADC will have to support a 96 kHz sampling rate.

A2: The aspects of the R9500 which I found most striking are as follows:

Copyright  2006, A. Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ. Images courtesy Icom Inc.
Last updated: 09/25/2019

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