The Icom IC-R8600 Wideband SDR Receiver

by Adam Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ

**********   Hot News! IC-R8600 Firmware V1.34 is now available on Icom Japan website. See links below.   **********    My IC-R8600 Test Report is now on-line.   **********  

IC-R8600 front panel (courtesy Icom Inc.)
IC-R8600 front panel (courtesy Icom Inc.)

IC-R8600 rear panel. (Courtesy Icom Inc.)
IC-R8600 rear panel. (Courtesy Icom Inc.)


IC-R8600 top interior view. (Courtesy IØGEJ.)
IC-R8600 top interior view. (Courtesy I0GEJ.)


IC-R8600 screen. (Courtesy IØGEJ.)
IC-R8600 screen. (Courtesy I0GEJ.)


Simplified block diagram of IC-R8600 front end


FCC ID: AFJ381800, granted 26 June 2017.  Industry Canada approval 202D-381801 granted 13 July 2017. (Information courtesy Dave Zantow N9EWO).

IC-R8600 User Group

My IC-R8600 Test Report

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Fenu Radio IC-R8600 Review (including interior photos)

Icom Japan IC-R8600 Product Page

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IC-R8600 User Manuals & Downloads (including Firmware, HDSDR etc.)

IC-R8600 Specs, Features & Options 2017

Note: As IP3 is not a valid performance parameter for direct-sampling SDR receivers, it should be disregarded.

Icom America IC-R8600 Press Release

RS-R8600 Documents: Brochure   Preparations   Manual

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