The new Icom IC-PW2 1 kW LDMOS HF/6m Amplifier

by Adam Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ

********  Hot News! The release of the new IC-PW2 was announced at Tokyo Ham Fair 2023. Click link below for Icom Japan IC-PW2 page. ********

The IC-PW2 is Icom's first HF/6m amplifier using LDMOS technology.

Fig.1: IC-PW2 front view. Click for larger image.
IC-PW2 front panel. Click for larger image. 


Fig.2: IC-PW2 Screen 1.
IC-PW2 Screen 1.

Fig.3: IC-PW2 Screen 2.
IC-PW2 Screen 2.


IMD with DPD off and on.
Fig.4:IMD with DPD off and on.

We are pleased to announce the new IC-PW2, which has been released at Tokyo HamFair 2023 (August 18-20, 2023).

The IC-PW2 supports DPD (Digital Pre-Distortion) Linearization with IC-7610 and SO2R operation with IC-7610 & IC-7851.

IC-PW2 Salient Features:


Icom America IC-PW2 Page

MRFX1K80H Data Sheet PDF

Tokyo Ham Fair 2019 Presentation  PDF

IC-PW2  Brochure   USA   EURIn English.PDF

IC-PW2 shown at Tokyo Ham Fair 2023Japanese-language page. Translate with browser tools.

Icom Japan IC-PW2 Page In English.

IC-PW2 Group

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