Icom IC-756Pro II - IC-PW1 Sync Procedures

byGeorge I. Wagner, K5KG

Operation of the Icom IC-756Pro II with the Icom IC-PW1 amplifier is excellent. However, after a couple of years of experience in running this combination, I have learned a few things that are worthy of passing onto others. It is possible to make mistakes in the hook up and operation of theIC-PW1 that can lead to problems. Synchronizing the IC-756Pro II to the IC-PW1 can be tricky in the sense that if the procedures outlined in theIC-PW1 manual are not followed exactly, the IC-PW1 will not automatically follow band changing on theIC-756Pro II. What follows are suggestions and recommendations regarding the setup and use of these units.

  1. Connect all cables between the IC-756Pro II and the IC-PW1 as shown on p.7 of theIC-PW1 manual. It is critical that the ACC cable be connected from the IC-756Pro IIACC(2) jack to the IC-PW1 ACC-1 jack. If the IC-756Pro II ACC(1) jack is used by mistake ó a very easy mistake to make ó no ALC will be available, and the amp will be driven to 1600 watts, which it is not designed to handle. TheIC-756Pro IIís ACC(2) jack must be used.

  2. When first applying power to the IC-PW1, its CPU must be reset. (This is described on p.11 ofIC-PW1 manual.) Here are the steps:

    1. If the IC-PW1 is on, push POWER to turn the IC-PW1 off.

    2. On the IC-PW1, push POWER while holding the DOWN and UP buttons. Use the thumb and little finger on the right hand to simultaneously hold the DOWN and UP buttons while pushing POWER with a finger on your left hand.

    3. The IC-PW1ís CPU will now be reset.

  3. Set the IC-PW1ís ALC level as described on p.11 of the IC-PW1 user manual. Do not set it higher than the "ALC (adj.)Ē point on the METER-2. Doing so will provide little more power and will probably cause the amp to fault off.

  4. The IC-PW1 uses CI-V frequency data for automatic tracking of band changes in theIC-756Pro II. To set up this automatic tracking capability, the IC-PW1 must be programmed to be in sync with the IC-756Pro II. (This is described on p.12 of the
    IC-PW1 user manual.) First of all, make sure the following conditions are set in the IC-756Pro IIís EXIT/SET OTHER menu:

    1. CI-V Baud Rate = 9600 or 4800.

    2. CI-V Address = 64h or 5ch1.

    3. CI-V Transceive = ON.

    Now, perform the following steps:

    1. Power off the IC-756Pro II.

    2. Power off the IC-PW1.

    3. On the IC-PW1, while holding down the INPUT button, push the POWER button. This will turn theIC-PW1 on and the INPUT 1 light will now be flashing.

    4. Power on the IC-756Pro II. Wait for the transceiver to cycle on and display the BandScope.

    5. Turn the transceiverís main tuning knob until the INPUT 1 lamp stops flashing on theIC-PW1. If the INPUT 1 lamp continues to flash, make sure CI-V Transceive=ON in theIC-756Pro II.

    6. Power off the IC-PW1.

    7. Power off the IC-756Pro II.

    8. Power on the IC-PW1.

    9. Power on the IC-756Pro II.

    The IC-756Pro II and the IC-PW1 will now be in sync. At this point, the AUTO lamp on theIC-PW1 will be on, and the IC-PW1 will switch to the same band as the IC-756Pro II. For example, if the 21MHz band is displayed on the IC-756Pro II, the IC-PW1 will switch to the 21 MHz band, and the 21 lamp will turn on. Switch to a different band on theIC-756Pro II, and the IC-PW1 will automatically switch to that band.

    If at this point, the IC-PW1 does not automatically follow band changing in the IC-756Pro II, the units are not insync. Recheck all cabling, including the ACC cable and the Remote cable, and repeat steps 2 and 4 above. It is critical that the units are powered off and on in the exact sequence described in the procedure.

  5. Press the AMP/PROTECT switch on the IC-PW1 and you will be ready to transmit. If you press TUNER to activate theIC-PW1ís tuner2 and hit the key, you may see the SWR meter go to infinity () momentarily until the tuner tunes. I recommend reducing theIC-756Pro IIís power level if this happens, so as to keep from stressing the IC-PW1 during tuning.


  1. If interfacing the IC-756Pro II to WriteLog software, a CI-V address of "5ch" must be used. Otherwise, the IC-756Pro IIís default address of "64h" can be used.

  2. Do not use the IC-756Pro IIís tuner when using the IC-PW1.

  3. Click "Get IC-PW1 Info" bar (below) to download IC-PW1 user & service manuals, etc.


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