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Read Icom Japan's excellent IC-756Pro III & IC-746Pro product descriptions (in English).
Get the IC-756Pro II  Technical Report, in English.mirror site
Here is Oba, JA7UDE's summary* of  the IC-756Pro II review in CQ Ham Radio, January 2002.
Download the IC-746Pro, IC-756ProIC-756Pro II, IC-756Pro III and IC-PW1 Product Brochures.
Download the IC-756Pro II Feature Function Benefit Analysis.
Read my IC-756Pro User Review, now including Notes on the IC-756Pro II, Digital-Mode Filters and Spectrum Scope.
More IC-756Pro Topics: AM & FM operation, Twin PBT, BPF Indicator, AGC and Dual Watch, BDR & ADC overload.
Read my new IC-756Pro III User Review, including notes on microphones.
IC-756Pro3/Quadra ALC overshoot test.
Here is a useful dBm-volts-watts conversion chart (for 50Ω systems).
View the results of recent IC-756Pro II AGC measurements.
Is your IC-756Pro II or Pro II running hot? Not really.
Is front-end AGC inherently evil? No! Here's why...
Read a discussion of AGC in the IC-756Pro series, IC-7700 and IC-7800.
"dBm from Heaven": use the band noise/noise floor margin to your advantage, for quieter reception
IC-756Pro II S-Meter & Spectrum Scope Calibration Curves
IC-756Pro II Power Output vs. Frequency Test
Here are some signal-management tips for new IC-756Pro-series owners.
Use Quick Split and Dual Watch to your advantage.
Use the Spectrum Scope to configure your IC-756Pro-series radio correctly for AM and FM operation.
Here's more on AM with the IC-756Pro series.
Would you be better off with a new IC-756Pro III or a used IC-781? Please read this, then decide.
Review George, W5YR's IC-756Pro & Pro II Occupied Bandwidth + Monitor Measurements, and Notes on Filtering & DSP.
Also read George, W5YR's Brief Overview of A-D Conversion.
Read William Sabin, W0IYH's comments on FCC Proceeding RM-10740  (SSB occupied bandwidth).
Study the Basic Concept of Icom IF-DSP.
Read Correcting the IC756Pro Noise Blanker Drive-Signal Leakage Problem by Jim, N2EA and Tony, K1KP.
Read Tom, KN4LF's IC-718 Review.
Here is John Rippey W3ULS' IC-746Pro User Review (courtesy
Get Icom Service Bulletin #920 - the official IC-746Pro and IC-7400 transmitter failure fix.
Download the article by George Wagner K5KG:  A Contester's View of the IC-756ProII from NCJ, May/June 2002.  Thanks George!

Download George's companion article:  IC746PRO vs. IC756PROII - A Contester’s Comparison from NCJ, November 2003.

Read the Icom IC-756PRO Advanced Operating Guide. 
Also visit Greg Ordy, W8WWV's IC-756ProIC-756Pro CW filter shape factor selection & BPF Indicator pages.
And here is Greg's ICOM 756PRO CW Envelope Adjustments page.
View IC-756Pro and IC-756Pro II/III CW Rise Time Setting Procedure.
and George, W5YR's IC-746Pro & IC-756Pro II Spectral Keying Graphs Page.
Here are five CW spotting (netting) methods for IC-756Pro/Pro II users. (Also OK for IC-746Pro and IC-7400, except for #4.)
Check out the IC-756Pro and IC-756Pro II  reviews.
Download Don, VE3HUR's IC-765 Notes.
Using an Icom AH-4 Automatic Antenna Coupler? Be sure to look over Chris, K9EQ's AH-4 page.
Read about auxiliary keying interfaces for Icom radios, and save your internal PTT relay.
Amplifier drive and keying timing charts for Icom and other radios, by WØQE.
Build Larry, N2LH's IC-756Pro II Digital Voice Recorder/Keyer Controller.
Run Rob, W8LX's DSP IF Filtering Test to demonstrate the IC-756Pro's superior DSP filter performance.
Get the data sheet* for the 2SC5125 RF power transistor, used in the IC-756Pro and IC-756Pro II PA stage.
New Trends in Front End and LO Design.
AGC in the IC-756Pro3, IC-7600, IC-7700 and IC-7800.
Read technical articles on  solid-state HF amplifiers.
IC-4KL OEM Power Supply Documentation
Why  is speech compression a requirement in SSB radio systems?
Whistle to Aah Ratio – Is it important?
Looking for information on the OPC-118 adapter cable and the 8V band-selection voltage? Here it is!
Intermodulation, Phase Noise and Dynamic Range (PDF)
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