Major Firmware Upgrade for IC-7800

New and current IC-7800 screen images. (Photo courtesy Lidio Gentili IØGEJ).
New and current IC-7800 screen images (photo courtesy I0GEJ)

Icom Japan has released the IC-7800 V3.00 firmware upgrade, as of 28 November 2013. This upgrade was first announced at Tokyo HamFair 2013.

Planned Features:

  1. Waterfall screens for RF and AF (Audio Scope/FFT Scope/Oscilloscope).

  2. Mouse operation for scopes, click to select the frequency (Use USB hub to connect both of the keyboard and mouse at the same time) and other scope improvements.

  3. Remote control by RS-BA1 (new version) without radio-side PC. Shack side PC (user operation PC) is still required.

  4. Voice recorder improvement (similar to ID-31/51, IC-7100 function).

  5. USB flash drive compatibility (in addition to Compact Flash card).

  6. New APF function improvement (0-6dB six steps volume adjustment).

  7. Transmit delay function (for linear amplifier).

  8. Expansion of 7MHz band (EUR version).

  9. One-hand operation for filter setting change.

  10. New CI-V command additions (quasi-power-On/Off, setting/reading current status of RIT/Delta TX Freq, RIT On/Off and ΔTX On/Off).

  11. Note: This upgrade is firmware-only, and is free of charge. No hardware changes are involved.

Release Date:


Last updated: 09/25/2019