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Hot News!  Icom Japan shows IC-7850 at Tokyo HamFair 2014. Click link below.

The Icom IC-7800 front panel. Click for larger image.
The IC-7850 at APDXC 2014, Osaka, Japan
Icom UK IC-7850 Preview Page
Icom America IC-7850 Page
Preliminary IC-7850 Brochure
IC-7850 Press Release
Icom Japan has all IC-7800 firmware upgrades.
Download the IC-7800 firmware upgrades including the new Ver. 3.10 and its manual.
RS-BA1 V1.80, compatible with IC-7800 Firmware V3.10.   RS-BA1 User Manual V6.
IC-7800 V.16 User Manual
Major IC-7800 Firmware Upgrade announced at Tokyo HamFair 2013.
The ARRL Lab IC-7800 Review* and Extended Test Report* are now on the ARRL members-only site. (Please log on.)
IC-7800 FCC ID:  AFJ259000 (original, and Class II permissive change for Rev. 2).
Download the IC-7800 User Manual and other IC-7800 documents.
Download the original and preliminary IC-7800 brochures*.

Download the
USA/CANADA and Europe IC-7800 Upgrade Model brochures*.
Go to the Icom Japan English-language IC-7800 Page and home page.
Check out archived IC-7800 information from HamFair 2003, Tokyo. (Courtesy Oba, JA7UDE)
The ICOM special workshop on IC-7800 held at HamFair 2003 offers some new technical details. (Courtesy Oba, JA7UDE)
Oba, JA7UDE's English-language summary of the new Icom Japan publication "All About IC-7800, Vols. 1 - 5"
Here are  some thoughts on the IC-7800 front end...
...and a note on dual-diversity reception with the IC-7800.
Read a comment on the switched 15 kHz and 6 kHz 1st-IF roofing filters in the IC-7800.
A successor to the IC-756Pro2, embodying IC-7800 technology.
The successor to the IC-756Pro line: the IC-7600.
IC-7800 performance in a single-receiver package: the IC-7700.
View IC-7800 front and rear panels.
Åke Holm, SM5CBW: Factory Test  Report.
Glenn WØGJ:   First Encounter with an IC-7800.
Jack W5AKW: IC-7800 Comments.
Sergio, IK4AUY: The RF Power Devices in the IC-7800 Transmitter.
Sergio, IK4AUY: 200W, 48V PA using SD2941-1 (in memory of Sergio's beloved father, Romano I4FAF).
Glenn McNeil, VK4BG: IC-7800 PA Power Device Replacement Notes. (Also applicable to the IC-7700)
Bob Lanning, W6OPO: IC-7800 Kyocera OCXO Retrofit   Kyocera OCXO Datasheet   Photos
Leif Åsbrink SM5BSZ: Performance measurements on the IC-7800 (and other radios).
Bob Heil & Joe Walsh with the IC-7800 at W1AW, March 5-6, 2004
IC-7800 vs. IC-781: Comparative review by Johnny VR2XMC
Mike, WAØSXV's IC-7800 Page.
Hans PA3HGT's IC-7800 User Review, with screenshots.Dutch-language page.
David Kopacz KY1V's S/P DIF-based external DVR for the IC-7800.
Some common-sense rules for ensuring long PA life.
AGC in the IC-756Pro3, IC-7600, IC-7700 and IC-7800.
AGC and Noise Blanker in an IF-DSP Receiver.
IC-7800 Flat Cable Fault, by Richard Rosenberger PA7FA.
The IC-7700 Spectrum Scope: RBW & Grass Levels (also applicable to the IC-7800).
Comparing the IC-7700 and IC-7800*, by George Bethea K5JZ.
Join the IC-7800 and IC-7850 Groups.
IC-7800 Headphone RFI Mod, by Bob Lanning W6OPO.

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