The new Icom IC-7700


Hot News! New IC-7700 V2.20 Firmware was released on 20 July 2018. Click link below.

The IC-7700 has been honoured with the 2007 Japan Good Design Award. Image courtesy I0GEJ.


Fig.1: IC-7700 front panel.
Fig.1: IC-7700 front panel. Click for larger image. Photo courtesy Icom Inc.


Fig.2: IC-7700 overall view.
Fig.2: IC-7700 overall view. Click for larger image. Photo courtesy Icom Inc.


Fig.3: IC-7700 rear panel.
Fig.1: IC-7700 front panel. Click for larger image. Photo courtesy Icom Inc.


Fig. 4: IC-7700 1st IF roofing filters.
Fig. 4: IC-7700 1st IF roofing filters. Note carrier boards; it is possible that the filters are interchangeable to accommodate various emission types/radio services.


Fig 5. IC-7700 RF BPF bank. Note the large toroidal coils.
Fig 5. IC-7700 RF BPF bank. Note the large toroidal coils. Image courtesy I0GEJ.


Fig.6: IC-7700 200W PA board. Click for larger image.
Fig.6: IC-7700 200W PA board. Click for larger image.


Fig.7: IC-7700 spectrum scope, 2.5 kHz span, SLOW sweep. Photo courtesy ON6SAS.
Fig 6. IC-7700 spectrum scope, 2.5 kHz span, SLOW sweep. Photo courtesy ON6SAS. Note low "grass" level.

IC-7700 Overview

The new IC-7700 is a self-contained, top-performance HF/6m transceiver closely related to its "bigger brother", the IC-7800. Its main features are:

  1. Two independent DSP units.

  2. HF/6m transmitter with a MOSFET PA delivering 200W output at full duty cycle.

  3. Quiet, built-in switch-mode mains power supply.

  4. Single HF receiver with I/Q second mixer, offering +40dBm 3rd-order intercept point*.

  5. Built-in "Digi-Sel" automatic tracking RF preselector.

  6. Built-in high-speed automatic antenna tuner.

  7. Selectable 15, 6 and 3 kHz roofing filters (refer to Fig. 4 above.)
  8. Precision OCXO with 0.05ppm frequency stability and 10 MHz Reference I/O jack

  9. 7" color TFT LCD display.

  10. Multi-function spectrum scope with configurable resolution bandwidth (RBW).

  11. Built-in RTTY/PSK31 modem requiring only a USB keyboard.

  12. IF-DSP notch filter with adjustable parameters.

  13. Multi-function noise blanker implemented in DSP.

  14. Separate, high-performance 6m receiver front end.

  15. Digital voice recorder.

  16. Front-panel USB ports for USB memory drive and keyboard.

* at 50 kHz test-signal spacing.

User  Manual Erratum

Contrary to the statement on p. 3-5 of the earlier IC-7700 user manual, the numerical keypad is not backlit and does not light when the F.INP key is pressed. This has been corrected in all newer editions of the manual, from ENG_1 onwards. The correct procedure reads as follows:

Corrected direct frequency-entry procedure.

Icom Japan IC-7700 Ver. 2.10 Firmware Upgrade:

Rev. 12 IC-7700:

This  IC-7700 version was released in April 2011. It incorporates redesigned PA200W and FILTER Units. The new PA200W uses a single STMicroelectronics STAC2942B dual MOSFET power device in its output stage. The serial number prefix begins with "1" e.g. 1201234 (US/Canada), 1301234 (EU), 1701234 (UK).

The previous serial number ranges begin with "0" e.g. 0201234 (US/Canada), 0301234 (EU), 0701234 (UK), and have the earlier PA200W (2 X MRF150) and FILTER Units.

Q: Why was Dual Watch omitted?

A: Provision of Dual Watch would most likely have pushed the price well above the USD 6K target.

Q: Then how can I monitor my transmit frequency in split operation?

A: By pressing the XFC (Transmit Frequency Check) button.

The IC-7700 received FCC certification on February 11, 2008. FCC ID: AFJ300900

The official Icom Japan IC-7700 page and brochure* (in English)

Icom America's IC-7700 page

The Icom Canada IC-7700 page

The comprehensive IC-7700 brochure*   mirror

IC-7700 Upgrade Model brochure*   USA/Canada   Europe

Dayton 2007 pre-release brochure*

Icom Japan IC-7700 pre-release brochure* (in English)

IC-7700 User Manual V6

Icom Japan Firmware Updates page

IC-7700 V2.20 Firmware Update

Firmware Manuals:  V2.20   V2.10    V2.00 (the big one!) 

RS-BA1 V1.96, compatible with IC-7700 Firmware V2.20.   RS-BA1 User Manual V9.

Note on USB Memory Drives - removing proprietary formatting

Some IC-7700 Interior Views

Connecting an Icom Radio to a PC*, by John White VA7JW

AGC in the IC-756Pro3, IC-7600, IC-7700 and IC-7800

AGC and Noise Blanker in an IF-DSP Receiver

IC-7700 Noise Blanker Demo: 20m SSB signal with severe impulse noise.

The IC-7700 Drive Gain Control

The IC-7700/IC-7800 "Digi-Sel" Preselector

The IC-756Pro3 as 2nd receiver with the IC-7700

View or download the 15-minute Icom Japan IC-7700 Promotion Movie (in English)

My IC-7700 User Review & Test Report

Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Testing of HF Receivers* including IC-7700

IC-7700 NPR Test Data*

IC-7700 MW Broadcast Band Tests

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Frank, DF9VH's IC-7700 PA Repair Description

Biasing MOSFET Power Transistors

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Glenn McNeil, VK4BG: IC-7800 PA Power Device Replacement Notes. (Also applicable to the IC-7700)

Use the IC-7700 as a bench spectrum analyser!

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How close were we with the "IC-7X00"?

* PDF document.

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