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by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ

Hot News! New IC-7600 V2.00 Firmware was released on 18 May 2015. Click link below.

IC-7600 at Tokyo HamFair 2008. Photo: M. Myoga, JS1LQI.
IC-7600 at Tokyo HamFair 2008. Click for larger image. Photo: M. Myoga, JS1LQI.

Once again, we are honored and excited to present a new Icom HF/6m transceiver.

The above photo illustrates the IC-7600 as presented at Tokyo HamFair 2008. The IC-7600 is a 100W-class HF/6m HF transceiver, utilizing Icom's well-known and proven IF-DSP architecture and feature set. Note the large TFT display screen. More information will be provided here as it becomes available.

The IC-7600 received FCC certification on February 9, 2009. FCC ID: AFJ307300.

IC-7600 rear panel. Photo: N. Oba, JA7UDE.
IC-7600 rear panel. Click for larger image. Photo: N. Oba, JA7UDE.

In the photo below, it will be noted that the elimination of the moving-coil meter has freed up sufficient front-panel space to accommodate the IC-7600's larger TFT display.

IC-7600 and IC-756Pro3 front panels compared. Photo: Robert Garth, 6Y1X.
IC-7600 and IC-756Pro3 front panels compared. Photo: Robert Garth, 6Y1X.


IC-7600 and IC-7700 in my station (March 2009).
IC-7600 and IC-7700 in my station (March 2009). Photo: A. Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ.

Salient Points:

*Performance in DW reduced due to RF BPF bandwidth if signals are on different bands

Translation of Icom Japan IC-7600 Press Release by N. Oba JA7UDE
  • Icomís proven IF-DSP technology


  • Power output: 100W

  • MOSFET PA with 2 x RD100HHF1

  • Expected release date in JA: End of January, 2009

  • MSRP: 398,000 Yen

  • IC-7600 is a mid-range transceiver between IC-7800/IC-7700 and IC-7000/IC-7200

  • Plain English menus allow rapid change of set mode settings and features

  • Selectable roofing filters: 3kHz, 6kHz, and 15kHz

  • Double superhet with an image-rejection 2nd mixer

  • Vastly improved in-band IMD with image-reject 2nd mixer

  • Dynamic range 104dB, IP3 = +30dBm

  • Two 32-bit floating-point DSPs. TI TMS320C6726B for TX and RX; TI TMS320C6720B for the spectrum scope

    • IC-7700: TI TMS320C6727B for TX and RX; TI TMS320C6720B for scope

  • 5.8 inch (diagonal) 320X240 LCD with a long life, quick-start LED backlight

  • Digital meter scales display Po, ALC, SWR, COMP, VD, ID, PA temperature

  • Dual Watch

  • RTTY and PSK31 encoder/decoder

  • CW rise-time adjustment range 2 ~ 10 mS

  • Two USB ports

    • Front port for keyboard and memory key (thumb drive)

    • Rear port for PC control and baseband audio (Rx/Tx)

  • TCXO: 0.5ppm in the range 0 - 50įC

  • Mechanical relay (16V/0.5A) and FET relay (250V/200mA) for keying external amplifier

FCC ID: AFJ307300.


My IC-7600 User Review and Test Report (PDF)

George K5JZ's IC-7600 User Review

Dave N9EWO's IC-7600 Review (now including the DC-DC Unit fix)

IC-7600 compared to other Icom HF radios

AGC in the IC-756Pro3, IC-7600, IC-7700 and IC-7800

AGC and Noise Blanker in an IF-DSP Receiver

IC-7600 Noise Blanker Demo: WWV with severe impulse noise. NB off  NB on

IC-7600 APF Demo

IC-7600 Demos by VA7OJ at Dayton 2009:   Demo 1    Demo 2  (YouTube Video by Isiah Gates)

IC-7600 CW Filter Demo (YouTube video by IK1LBO)

The IC-7700 Spectrum Scope: RBW & Grass Levels (also applicable to the IC-7600)

IC-7600 Group

Tokyo Hamfair 2008

Icom Japan IC-7600 Press Release (in English) 

Icom Japan IC-7600 Page (in English)

Icom America IC-7600 Page & Brochure

Japanese-English Translation Tool

Note on USB Memory Drives - removing proprietary formatting

Download the USB Driver (v1.10)

Download USB Driver Guide (PDF)

Driver information for Silicon Labs USB/UART Bridge (Windows, Mac, Linux)

TI PCM2901 USB Codec information

IC-7600 Scope IF Tap for RTL-SDR -  by Stefan Wagener VE4NSA

Video: IC-7600 RTL-SDR RTTY 20m Ham Radio -  by Stefan Wagener VE4NSA   [mirror]

Icom Scope Display using HDSDR - by Harry Tankin WE1X   [mirror]

IC-7600 Firmware Update V2.00 (released 18 May 2015: incorporates major new functionality)

Improvements added by V2.00 Firmware:

  1. Waterfall screens, mouse operation, and other additional functions have been added to the spectrum scope.
  2. An APF AF Level setting has been added.
  3. CI-V commands for antenna control, logging software and RIT/DELTA-TX have been added.
  4. TX Delay (HF/50M) settings have been added to adjust the TX delay time.
  5. A Standby setting has been added to remotely turn ON the IC-7600 transceiver by a command from the REMOTE jack.
  6. "MOS-FET" is now the default value of "SEND Relay Type."
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