The new IC-7100

by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ

Photo contributors as noted.

********  Hot News! IC-7100 Firmware Ver. E1 is now downloadable. See link below. ********

The new IC-7100 (HF/6m/4m*/2m/70cm). Photo courtesy Icom UK. Click for large image.
The new IC-7100. Photo courtesy Icom UK. Click for large image.

We are pleased to announce the new IC-7100, which was unveiled at Tokyo HamFair 2012 (August 25-26, 2012). Here are some salient features:

  First IC-7100 in the UK: Photos by Darren Storer, G7LWT.

IC-7100 front panel.
IC-7100 front panel.


IC-7100 rear panel.
IC-7100 rear panel.


Typical IC-7100 menu screen.
Typical IC-7100 menu screen.


Typical GPS menu.
Typical GPS menu.  


IC-7100 at Puyallup WA Hamfest, March 2013: Photos by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ

Overall view of control head & radio unit.
Overall view of control head & radio unit.


Control head detail.
Control head detail. 

And now...

The FCC granted the IC-7100 certification on June 25, 2013. FCC ID: AFJ339300.


Download IC-7100 Firmware Version E1

My IC-7100 User Review & Test Report

Icom Japan IC-7100 Page (including brochure):  US/Canada Version   EU Version

Icom America IC-7100 Page

Icom UK IC-7100 Page

IC-7100 at Tokyo HamFair 2012Japanese-language page.Click for English translation.

A good IC-7100 video, from Tokyo HamFair 2012. Note control head and mounting details.

Another IC-7100 video, showing rear panel and other details.

IC-7100 Interior Images, by VK4ZXI

The IC-7100 at Orlando HamCation 2013 - Ham Radio Now

IC-7100 Pre-Release Brochure

IC-7100 USA Brochure

IC-7100 Group

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