List of Popular Icom IF Filters

Item name IF frequency Mode Bandwidth Shape factor* Application type
FL-44A† 455kHz SSB 2.4kHz/-6dB 1.75 Narrow filter
FL-52A† 455kHz CW 500Hz/-6dB 2.0 Narrow filter
FL-53A† 455kHz CW 250Hz/-6dB 2.0 Narrow filter
FL-96 455kHz SSB 2.8kHz/-6dB 1.8 Wide filter
FL-222 455kHz SSB 1.9kHz/-6dB 1.66 Narrow filter
FL-257 455kHz SSB 3.3kHz/-6dB 1.9 Wide filter
FL-70 9MHz SSB 2.8kHz/-6dB 1.8 Wide filter
FL-80 9MHz SSB 2.4kHz/-6dB 1.5 Narrow filter
FL-100 9MHz CW 500Hz/-6dB 2.8 Narrow filter
FL-101 9MHz CW 250Hz/-6dB 3.2 Narrow filter
FL-102 9MHz AM 6kHz/-6dB 3.33 Wide filter
FL-103 9MHz SSB 2.8kHz/-6dB 1.8 Wide filter
FL-223 9MHz SSB 1.9kHz/-6dB 1.9 Narrow filter
FL-232 9MHz RTTY/CW 350Hz/-6dB 2.9 Narrow filter
FL-272 9MHz SSB 2.4kHz/-6dB 2.0 Narrow filter
*-60dB BW/-6dB BW
†Non-"A" is 6 mm taller than "A" version. Specs and pinout identical for both versions.